Childcare Services in Decatur, GA

At International Preparatory Academy, it is never too early to start your education, our infants and toddlers are also placed in classrooms.

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We offer infant daycare for kids as young as six weeks old in Decatur, Atlanta, Scottsdale, and North Decatur, GA and take our roles as caregivers seriously. We’re not only a place that keeps your kids safe until you pick them up again: our childcare center is education-driven and an environment where young children can explore the world around them safely.

Our childcare services’ goal is to foster the earliest love of education in your child, so when they do finally start school, they’ll be eager to learn and succeed, and they’ll have the fundamental confidence they need to embrace formal education.

Not Just Teachers, We’re Co-Parents!

We see ourselves not only as educators but as the next closest thing to parents. It’s our duty to provide the very best childcare and attention to every child, and to treat them like they were our own. We bring this child-first mentality into our infant daycare each day, to give Decatur, GA parents the peace of mind they need when leaving their children with us. We promise to do right by you and your child, to keep them safe, foster their learning and development, and to make sure each day is the best one yet.

We Foster Exploration and Education

Our childcare center is a place for kids to both play and learn, and we strive to combine these into a single experience. We make learning fun, encouraging kids to explore the world around them, ask questions and learn about their environment. This translates into everything from early confidence to advanced skill development, creating a foundation for success in their lives as they grow up.

A Safe and Welcoming Childcare Center

International Preparatory Academy treasures the opportunity to work with your child, and to provide them a safe space where they can explore and develop under the watch of early childhood professionals. To learn more about our childcare services and infant daycare or to enroll in our summer camp program, please contact us today at 404-241-5700. We welcome children in Decatur, GA as young as six weeks old.