Preschool Learning Center in Decatur, GA

International Preparatory Academy is a Bright From the Start Licensed preschool learning center in Decatur, GA, committed to providing preschoolers with an environment where they can embrace and develop their earliest skills.

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Dance is a form of expression and exercise and can help kids find their rhythm


Learning an instrument stimulates intellect and fosters happiness


Strengthen your child’s ability to interact with the world around them, and helps develop a new set of skills for self-expression and communication

Martial arts

The discipline of martial arts helps kids develop confidence and patience

Foreign language

Bilingual children benefit from broadened worldview and empathy

We foster early childhood education using proven strategies and a supportive, positive approach to early learning academic programs. Our methods give kids the confidence they need at the preparatory school level, so their earliest successes empower them to be eager learners in the future.

Our preschool learning center focuses on skills like early reading comprehension, kinesthetic learning and open exploration into things like patterns, concepts and complex thoughts. We believe an early introduction to a classroom-like environment will help young students succeed when they enter the school curriculum, but we also offer virtual learning assistance options.

Emphasis on Early Childhood Education

Preschool isn’t just an interlude to formal education—it’s where children are exposed to some of their earliest, most vital skills. Our preschool learning center fosters a positive experience for every child, putting them in a position to explore the world around them in a supportive environment. From early social skills to basic tactile skills and introduction to formal education concepts, we take a proactive approach with our preschool programs.

Reading Comprehension

Reading is one of the main focuses of our preparatory school. Our early learning academic programs promote early reading with Abeka: materials that focus on pronunciation and phonetics, to help encourage reading comprehension in young children. We work with them on reading specifically, to open the many doors literacy provides in the classroom.

Getting Kids Ready for School

International Preparatory Academy is committed to giving kids the head start they deserve. To learn more about our preparatory preschool, please contact us today at 404-241-5700. If you’re in the Decatur, Atlanta, Scottsdale, or North Decatur, GA area, schedule an appointment to meet our educators and to learn more about their preschool programs or opportunities for virtual learning assistance, or to sign up for this year’s summer camp program.